Boko Temple

Boko Temple Indoluxe (2)Ratu Boko Palace is located on a hill in the village of Boko exactly Samberwatu (village of Sambirejo) and Dawung village (Bokoharjo Village) District of Prambanan, Yogyakarta Sleman. In archaeology, Ratu Boko Palace can be divided into two parts; they are the Castle Hill which is next to the West and the East. The complex is located on the West side of the trail, waterways, ponds and pottery fragments of both local and foreign.

While in the eastern part, it is divided into three groups, they are the Southeast, West and East. The rest of the Palace located in the West where some relics like the white stones were kept, Temple Gate 1 and Gate 2, talut, kiln, water shelter, construction of the base and the two pieces of Pasebanan batur. It is located in front of the complex exactly when you first sign in to the Ratu Boko Palace. The rest of the Palace, situated in the South-Eastern Hall of the building, which contains a few pieces of Batur Temple, miniature temples, some outdoor for Princess, and two pieces of batur for Princess. Being on the East side there is the Palace of “Lanang Cave” (Lanang means Male), “Wadon Cave” (Wadon means Female), outdoor shelter and stairs.

Historically, it is known that Ratu Boko Palace is the legacy style of Hindu and Buddha are built around the 8th century to 9th century CE. This is evidenced by the discovery of an inscription that reads the year 792 by the Rakai Pikatan times when written. Around the year 856 c.e. a man named Rakai Walaing Pu Kumbhayoni (a subordinate of Rakai Pikatan) began to remodel Boko became a dwelling place.