Water Castle

water castleThe sound of splash water, the beauty of its ancient architecture, and its wonderful view make Taman Sari becomes very enchanting. Its alleys and buildings make Taman Sari has many secrets to reveal.

Taman Sari also known as Taman Sari Water Castle is a site of a former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. It is located about 2 km south within the grounds of the Keraton, inside Keraton compound .Built in mid 18th century, the Taman Sari had multiple functions, such as a resting area, a workshop, a meditation area, a defense area, and a hiding place. The castle used to be the royal garden of the sultanate. Built around 1750, the castle is believed to be an area for the former kings to rest, meditate, defence, and even to escape from the enemies. The castle is believed to be a place for the kings to accommodate their concubines.

Taman Sari consisted of four distinct areas: the first in the middle is a large bathing area with 2 pools, to the west is an artificial lake (the water has been drained out), smaller bathing pool for the sultan at the east, and a compound for royal function at the south (just after the entrance). A large artificial lake with islands and pavilions located in the west, a bathing complex in the centre, a complex of pavilions and pools in the south, and a smaller lake in the east Today only the central bathing complex is well preserved, while the other areas have been largely occupied by the Kampung Taman settlement.